Stocktaking services

A correct stocktaking is an essential activity, with direct implications for the profitability and economic performance of any company. Each organization invests considerable amounts in fixed or current assets, which drive the economic activity. Therefore, besides the legal obligation to conduct stocktaking for financial and accounting purposes, asset managers must organize the operative activities to monitor all assets. The stocktaking services provided by Optima Group cover all types of fixed or current assets: fixed assets, inventory items, stocks.

The stocktaking services provided by Optima Group cover all types of fixed or current assets: fixed assets, inventory items, stocks. The working methodology used by Optima Group ensures the impartiality of the stocktaking operation, since inventory agents are independent of asset management. Stocktaking is accomplished by using mobile terminals equipped with barcode laser readers or smart tags (RFID) for reading labels applied to objects, thus confirming the physical existence and correct identity of objects. This procedure brings immediate benefits to shareholders, boards of directors and leading bodies of asset management organizations, by providing accurate and reliable reports.


How does it work?
It all starts with us listening to you. A successful inventory does not happen just like that. It requires planning, communication and adaptation according to the specificity of each beneficiary's activity.
Why should you outsource stocktaking?
You have a large number of locations, distributed across the country and beyond, and it is impossible for you to train your staff for stocktaking (stocktaking committee).
The stocks are very big and you need to close the store/warehouse to conduct the stocktaking, thus losing the sales on those days.
We carry out the stocktaking outside the opening hours of shops/warehouses.
If you have any doubts as to the correctness of the stocktaking activity conducted by the shop/warehouse staff, we provide you with a team consisting of inventory agents and team coordinators, having experience in this field and who know how to deal with the any issues that might occur while performing the stocktaking.
We have inventory teams across the country, so that stocktaking can be done simultaneously in multiple locations.
Stocktaking procedures
The stocktaking will be done by identifying the items in the customer’s location based on barcodes using a mobile terminal with a built-in barcode reader, having installed the stocktaking software solution and the list of products received from the customer. Stocktaking areas will be defined by unique codes within each merchandise storage/display premises, where inventory agents will be assigned to scan each individual item, so that the identification of products is correct. The stocktaking procedure used by Optima Group ensures a good functionality throughout the stocktaking activity. Scanned data is downloaded via wireless connection and can be accessed during stocktaking on our online platform.
Benefits of stocktaking services
Outsourcing stocktaking services to Optima Group will bring you a lot of benefits.
As an indisputable leader on the Romanian stock inventory services, we have extensive experience at prestigious retailers.
Our project management team has experience in numerous projects, it prepares a large number of agents, most of them with a vast experience in this field, agents that we can mobilize in a short time.
Our inventory teams can be found throughout all counties of the country, and therefore we can perform stocktaking in multiple locations at once.
Our working method is optimized and allows us to perform this operation in a short time.
We make available advanced tools for our stocktaking agents (high-performance mobile terminals, stocktaking software solution based on the latest technology in the industry), our work procedures are ISO 90001: 2008 certified.
We provide you the data in electronic format, they can be viewed online using own software.
The cost related to an impeccable service is fair and efficient, and we thereby influence your productivity and profitability in a positive way.
Our goal is to “maximize customer satisfaction” - due to optimal stock control and integration with procurement processes, the solution permanently ensures the availability of products on stock, thus fulfilling or surpassing customer expectations.
Fields of activity
We work each year with over 200 partners in various fields of activity such as retail, FMCG, DIY (do-it-yourself), telecom, banks, the public sector and more.
How much does it cost?
The rates for inventory services are determined by the size of the stock, the geographic distribution of locations, where stocktaking is taking place, the number of unique codes in the list of items, the stocktaking duration and frequency.


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