Stocktaking services (fixed assets and inventory items) with barcodes / RFID


Each organization invests huge amounts of money in fixed assets or current assets, which are the driver of economic development. Therefore, apart from the legal obligation to make the financial-accounting inventory (stocktaking), asset managers have to organize operative monitoring activities for all asset items. Stocktaking services provided by Optima Group cover all types of fixed or current assets: property, plant and equipment, small assets, goods in stock.

How does it work?
The working methodology used by Optima Group ensures the impartiality of the stocktaking operation, while inventory agents are independent of the asset management. Stocktaking is done by using mobile terminals equipped with barcode laser readers or smart tags (RFID) for reading labels applied to objects, thus confirming the physical existence and the correct identity of the objects. This procedure brings immediate benefits to shareholders, boards of directors and the leading bodies of asset management organizations by providing accurate and reliable reports. In the start-up phase, Optima will identify the requirements of all persons involved, both in the financial and accounting, operational, asset management, procurement departments etc., and will draw up the detailed inventory procedure, while taking into account the quantitative indicators proposed to be achieved.
Stocktaking Committee
The Stocktaking Committees are coordinated by a central committee, appointed by written decision. The Central Stocktaking Committee is responsible for organizing, training, supervising and controlling the how stocktaking operations are performed. The Central Stocktaking Committee is responsible for carrying out all stocktaking work in accordance with the legal provisions. The Stocktaking Committee cannot include the keepers of the warehouses subject to stocktaking and the accountants who keep the records of this management, and neither the internal auditors (but they may participate in the stocktaking operations). Members of the Stocktaking Committees can only be replaced in duly justified cases and only by a written decision.
Benefits of active inventory services
By carrying out asset inventory with Optima Group, you benefit from a large number of experienced agents that we can mobilize in a short time; an optimized working method that allows a shorts time to accomplish this operation; the data are delivered in electronic format with the possibility of online viewing through own software; ISO 9001:2008 certified procedures; a fair and efficient cost associated with an impeccable service; complete reports according to the legislation in force.

Depending on the fields of activity, the asset inventory market is structured as follows (source: Optima Group):