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24 January 2023

The name of the innovation: Optimal Drones

Type of innovation: Technical

Short intro:

Optima Group operates 2 business lines: software solutions and stocktaking and asset inventory services.

Leader on the Romanian market for stocktaking services, we work with over 200 beneficiaries from different industries (bricolage, retail, fashion, banks and insurance, FMCG, telecom, public sector). During 2021, we inventoried over 3000 locations and about 120,000,000 stock items.

Description of the innovation:

The Optimal Drones automatic inventory solution with drones was launched in 2021 in Romania and is intended especially for companies that have warehouses.

The solution involves the use of drones that have built-in scanners and that allow the scanning of items in each cell without the need for people who use scanners.

The novelty element:

The novelty consists in the automation of the inventory process, the use of drones in the inventory process for access to hard-to-reach areas and increasing efficiency. The system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform various activities that can be iteratively improved based on the information it collects and the transformation of the data collected by the drones into useful reports for a high accuracy of the stocks in the warehouse.

Effects of innovation:

Following the use of drones in warehouses, that scan the barcodes or RFID tags of the items in the warehouse, all this information is transmitted to the warehouse management systems (WMS) and thus the accuracy of the stocks will be very good. This automatic stocktaking procedure in the warehouse will allow you to carry out periodic inventories in a short time and with very good accuracy.

Project initiator:

The initiators of the drone inventory project are Gabriel Chiva - CEO responsible for innovation and the product marketing component and Marian Luca - CTO responsible for the architecture and development of the solution.