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Data Seer is the Optima Group software platform for predicting the evolution of some business indicators for commercial processes, based on AI and Big Data. Data Seer is the new product that we develop in partnership with Babeș-Bolyai University, with funding under POC 1.2.1.

The product is a web-based platform that will allow companies to analyze past performance for some of their business KPIs, to identify and measure external and internal influencers, and to use them to forecast future KPIs evolution.

User management
Data import from external sources
Selecting an existing KPI or defining a new KPI
Selecting an existing influence parameter or defining a new influence parameter
Generating prediction data for the evolution of an influence parameter
Defining a new business entity
Association/Re-association of imported data
Mapping/Remapping of imported data
Building the forecast on the "reference scenario" for a KPI
Building the forecast on an alternative scenario for a KPI
Building "classic" reports for the future evolution of a KPI
Building graphic dashboards
Why Data Seer?

In business processes, the use of systems that allow the prediction of performance indicators is of utmost importance, because the exploitation of data held by different economic entities can bring them competitive advantages, both at the level of production and at the level of the entire management activity. In a dynamic business environment, highlighting long-term or very long-term trends seems difficult to do; Instead, the analysis of large-volume data with the aim of identifying short- and medium-term trends, validating them and detecting as quickly as possible when they are no longer valid is increasingly accessible, but sometimes at prohibitive costs.

Currently, many decisions taken are mainly based on the talent and experience of some managers, being difficult (if not impossible to analyze through traditional methods) to exploit the entire amount of information held by the company and which could have a major influence on these decisions. This analysis can become possible using applications that exploit the data accumulated over time, in order to obtain additional information such as the identification of trends or models (patterns) that are of particular interest in decision-making. This can be achieved using the machine learning component of AI, applied to large data sets (big data).

Historical data vs. Prevision
Fully customizable generic import of customer data (such as sales, stocks, etc.)
Advanced dashboards and reports powered by Tableau Server
Access to a wide range of automatically updated external influencing factors (such as purchasing power, temperatures, exchange rates, population structure, etc.)
Customized prediction model setup by choosing external and internal influence factors
Machine learning predictions (based on regression trees and neuronal network models) for different user-defined scenarios
Data Seer benefits

Although the idea of a product that "models" and predicts future developments of some business indicators is not a new one, the innovative nature of the Data Seer platform consists mainly in the following aspects:

• the use of more or less structured data from sources other than a client's own sources (eg., a weather forecast or a forecast of the evolution of some currency or stock market indicators);

• the use of machine learning in the identification of behavioral patterns and in proposing a certain business conduct for future.

Therefore, the Data Seer platform will cover an obvious need for any business-oriented organization, having as supporting elements 2 extremely attractive features, compared to other similar products:

• extended functionalities and predictions based on multiple influence parameters, internal and external to the organization;

• affordable prices.

Main predictions vs Alternative predictions
Who is the Data Seer solution for?
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