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06 October 2022

Optima Group, a company that provides fixed asset inventory and stocktaking services as well as software, wants to continue expanding in Europe in the next two years. Currently, the company is active on the markets of Romania, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia.

"We are looking at the possibilities to finance this expansion. We have several options that we are considering, either issuing bonds, or stock exchange listing, or attracting a strategic investor or an investment fund. Our estimates at the moment are around 2-3 million EUR for scaling.

We are in the phase where we are creating a board of advisors, a team that has experience in scaling international businesses. Whether we will sign different partnerships with companies in Europe, whether we will initially hire sales and marketing people for certain strategic markets, or whether we will find other tools so that we can scale the business in Europe, we analyze and propose for this team to guide us in the best direction.

We plan to do this in the next two years, both for the software business line and for the inventory service line," said Gabriel Chiva, Managing Partner Optima Group, on the PROFIT LIVE show from PROFIT NEWS TV, adding that, for scaling, he also considers the acquisition of companies from different countries, which operate in the same field.

"We are analyzing all options also depending on the financing we will benefit from, so that we can scale the business as quickly as possible, but also as healthily as possible," he states.

Also, to attract funding, the company is also looking at the possibility of issuing of bonds or even listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“We were also considering financing through a bond issue or even listing on the stock exchange, but that will happen in 3-4 years probably. Investment funds or a strategic investor are the cheapest option," he states.

Optima Group will launch next year a product on the market that it is developing in collaboration with the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

"We are implementing a product, an artificial intelligence solution, with a value of almost 7 million RON, which will greatly allow us to scale. We started this project a year ago. It has an implementation period of 2 years. So, next year at this time we will launch the product, which predicts some trends in the market based on external indicators, in addition to internal ones. At the moment, the product is being tested by 3 companies from different fields of activity", says Gabriel Chiva.

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